Agender (as in atheist) [ revise ]

Agender (as in atheist) [ revise ]

“Adult person poultry” came up because the good parody of your own motto in the later 2021 immediately following a great TERF sockpuppet tweeted one “‘woman’ form mature person lady. Instance ‘hen’ means mature individual poultry.”

AFAB trans girl [ modify ]

  • A phrase salad made of haphazard terminology in order to signify gender-term names are low-sensical otherwise worthless.
  • A low-sequential group of labels accustomed deliberately misgender trans guys since the people, tying the fresh name “trans” to words due to their sex tasked during the birth (compare with “trans-recognized female”).
  • Otherwise, since the TERFs keeps knew it structure is actually worry about-contradictary, this new laugh “identity” away from a cis girl exactly who relates to while the an excellent trans girl (discover bio-trans).

Aiden [ modify ]

Derogatory identity getting an effective transgender man, based on the label you to definitely “Aiden” (or similar sounding brands elizabeth.g. Hayden, Jayden) was a popular selection of name among young trans boys. This is sometimes joked regarding the by trans some body among on their own, but has been appropriated by the TERFs.

Autoandrophilia / AAP [ modify ]

An excellent pseudoscientific hypothesis one to transgender males who are not solely keen on people transition on account of a fetish for being seen as boys. Continue reading “Agender (as in atheist) [ revise ]”